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Fack photography


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  • Lid geworden: February 2023
Hi, I am Patrick van Dijk and 40 years old. I started photography during work in inland shipping. About 6 years a go, when I was actively shipping on the river, De Rijn. During these trips, I came by some marvelous castles that where build nearby the river. First I started making photos with my phone, but soon realized that the quality of the pictures in combination with the limited settings on a phone, I really needed a camera. My passion for night photography started soon after that since I was shipping more during night and discovered that I liked harbor scenes more during night. Not long after that I discovered the angle and started making photos of ships. This completed the puzzle of on one hand my passion for photography and on the other hand also the passion in my work. Now, 6 years later, I have really started to make a name in the world of harbor photography and I am glad more and more people really recognities my style and photos. For me this was the perfect moment to start my own company. In August 2021, I started Fack_photography ® as a professional photography company. If I look back on the last two years, starting my own company was the best decision I’ve ever made. It really gave me the professional step that I needed and since that I’ve had the pleasure to shoot unique pictures at national and international companies. I am proud of my portfolio with special perspectives because I have the opportunity to photograph while sailing. This ensures unique photos. I also know what I'm photographing and that makes it attractive.